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Welcome to our home page! This page is the portal to the individual home pages of three "wine enthusiast" groups.

Please visit the home page of each group for specific information on their tastings and activities. The page now contains expanded tasting notes and an archive of past tasting medal winners.

What would great wine be without great food? Check out our WWE Recipe Page  and our IWE Recipe Page   for some of the favorites shared at our tastings.

The Western Wine Enthusiasts (WWE), and the Indianapolis Wine Enthusiasts (IWE) have common roots. The creation of the WWE is directly related to a corporate merger of operations. Six members of the IWE moved to the Seattle area as a result of job transfers. Two members of the WWE retired to Arizona and have formed the SaddleBrooke Wine Enthusiasts (SWE).

September, 1993 was the first gathering for the IWE, while the first event for the WWE was April, 2002. The SWE will have it's first event Februaury 2008.

We hope to have a lot to report over the next several months.